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How do reimbursements work with Viva?

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Therefore, it is important that you keep in mind Viva's policies for refunds when you do not travel. Remember that the tickets and additional services are promotional and non-refundable. However, there are some exceptions.
Below, you can see the detail of the situations in which you can receive a refund:

On occasion of the Covid-19 pandemic

Given the special circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of Colombia has decreed a health emergency through Resolution 738 of 2021 of the Ministry of Health. Therefore, airlines in Colombia must accomodate requests for reimbursement of services - for operational disruption, retraction or withdrawal (refund of fees) - based on Article 17 of Decree 482 of 2020, for the duration of the emergency and effective up to one additional year.

In the case of Viva, the refund in services is generated through the delivery of a voucher code for the corresponding value that can be redeemed for services of our airline.

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Types of refunds applicable with Viva

Cancellation of flights to or from the United States and / or Mexico.

Applies only in the case of flight cancellation up to 24 hours after the purchase of the ticket, only on routes going to or returning from the United States and / or Mexico. You can request a full refund within the first 24 hours after your purchase, as long as your flight is not within 7 days of the request.


The passenger may withdraw from the exercise of the contract of carriage, as long as it has not begun to be executed within the five (5) days following the entry into the contract. The maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be five (5) business days from the conclusion of the contract. If you make the right of withdrawal, the contract will be terminated and what you would have paid will be reimbursed, except for the administrative fee and its corresponding VAT, which are not refundable. The refund will be made for the entire reservation but not per journey

Refund of fees

Taking into account the provisions in and of RAC 3 (Colombian Aeronautical Regulations), the passenger may withdraw from the trip up to 24 hours before the start of the trip, as long as the transport contract originates in Colombia.
Taking into account that all our rates are non-refundable promotional rates, when you do not make your trip, only the airport fees and taxes will be refundable according to the destination. Those rates, taxes and / or contributions that by regulation are not refundable are excluded. The ticket and the additional services purchased are not refundable.
In the event that there is more than one passenger in a reservation, funds will be divided and a refund will be made to the passenger who requests it.

Delays and / or cancellations

This type of reimbursement applies when, for reasons attributable to our airline, the reservation is affected due to operational reasons, reprogramming, security reasons, among others. The refund can be partial or total.

Illness and / or death

In the event of the death of the ticket holder, his companion (as long as they have the same itinerary) or relatives (grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, spouse) have the right to request reimbursement from said passenger by presenting proof of consanguinity or familial affinity.
Said claim must be made within 30 business days of the scheduled flight date.
Find out here the details for the cases that apply: These are the cases in which the reimbursement for calamity applies.

Are there refunds for missing connecting flights?

When you miss your connecting flight, you can make your refund request in the following cases:

For connecting flights

The refund will be made for the entire reservation, but not per route, only when the loss of the connection occurs for reasons attributable to the airline, and the passenger does not accept the rearrangement. The administrative fee and fees, taxes or contributions that by regulation are not refundable are also excluded from the value.

Refund of fees for connecting flights

The splitting of the reservation is not allowed, that is, the ticket is understood as complete for the origin-destination route with its respective stopovers (connection points). In this sense, only airport fees will be refundable. Those rates, taxes and / or contributions that by regulation are not refundable are excluded. The ticket and the additional services purchased are not refundable.

Reimbursement for operational impairment

Applies for connecting flights and reimbursement is made by origin-destination and for the entire reservation. The reimbursement is not made per fractional journey.

How to request a refund?

You can request a refund through the following channels:

  • When we have affected your itinerary, we will send you an email with the available refund option
  • You can request your refund through the refund form that we have at your disposal on our website here
  • The reimbursement will be processed after, as a traveler or customer, you correctly complete and return the forms assigned for this process, and the banking information is valid and correct. As an airline, we will have a maximum period of 30 calendar days to make reimbursements by national and international bank transfer; For reversals or returns, the application times are subject to the internal policy of each intermediary (Viva, card franchise, financial institution), in other words, the payment may take between 40 to 60 calendar days.

Who is reimbursed?

Viva will reimburse whoever appears as the holder of the reservation. In order to proceed with a reimbursement to a third party, a letter signed by the owner of the ticket (passenger) and a copy of the documents of the person authorizing the payment to be made to a third party and the person receiving the reimbursement is required.
Reimbursement to minors: In the event that a ticket has been paid in cash and the passenger is a minor, Viva will proceed with the reimbursement to one of the parents.

Who is the Voucher sent to?

  • We will send the voucher to whoever appears as the holder of the reservation.
  • Voucher to minors: We will proceed by sending the voucher to one of the parents.

If you bought through a travel agency ...

If you purchase through a travel agency and you will no longer fly, you must notify the intermediary who sold you your ticket. The agency must proceed with the reimbursement once Viva makes the corresponding amount available to them. The agency must guarantee official notification to our airline that the procedure has been completed within the allotted times. If the refund must be made in favor of the agency, because it made the payment directly or for any other reason (subject to evaluation), you must write a signed letter authorizing Viva to make the refund to the agency, attaching documents of who is authorizing and who will receive the reimbursement.


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