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Flying with Viva is beautiful, easy, and simple. Prepare your trip by buying flight + hotel in advance and travel to amazing national and international destinations.

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Frequent questions

What are Viva travel packages and what do they include? 

Viva packages are the best proposal to meet the needs of people who want to travel without worries, since they not only include tickets, but also a wide portfolio of hotels to all our destinations, as well as transfers, tours, cars and medical assistance card. 

Who can buy a Viva travel package? 

Our packages are different and designed according to the type of trip. With us you can have access to more than 150.000 hotels of different categories with different types of meals and in national and international destinations. 

Why should I buy a Viva travel package? 

It is an excellent option because as a traveler you can select the schedules and hotels that best suit your needs, accessing different offers and possibilities. 

How can I buy my Viva travel package? 

You can purchase your Viva package by clicking here and buy:  

  • Flight + hotel 
  • Hotel 
  • Tour  
  • Rent car 

How can I use my Viva travel package? 

Viva packages have the same travel process as our tickets, you only pay for what you need, and you can use it for the selected dates. Arriving at your destination, the hotel and the complements you chose will be waiting for you to enjoy a unique experience. 

In which destinations can I buy a Viva travel package? 

The destinations that have Viva packages are all the routes that we operate both nationally and internationally. Wherever a Viva aircraft flies, the best hotels and travel complements necessary for an unforgettable experience will be waiting for you. 

How long is a Viva travel package valid? 

The validity of the packages corresponds to the dates selected and according to the corresponding policies of each service. 

Is my Viva travel package reimbursable? 

It depends, our Viva packages are refundable as long as the cancellation policy of each of the services allows it, for this you only have to take into account the conditions and penalties of both the tickets and the hotels and services that were purchased, which you can identify at the time of purchase and in the confirmation voucher. 

What happens to my Viva travel package if I don't use it? 

You may change the date or request a refund if the policies of the purchased services allow it. Please note that additional penalty fees may apply. 

Who provides the services of the Viva package product? 

The tourist packages and services offered through here hipervincula https://paquetes.vivaair.com/ are marketed exclusively by Price Res S.A.S. who will support you in managing any request for services purchased under a shared responsibility with our air and ground service providers. 

Can I transfer my Viva travel packages with other people? 

All requests are subject to validation through our service center at paquetesdeviajes@vivaair.com  or through our service lines: 

  • Bogotá: +57 601 743 6630  
  • Medellín: +57 604 607 1405  
  • Cali: +57 602 485 5949 
  • Barranquilla: +57 605 385 7754 
  • Pereira: +57 606 341 9051 
  • Bucaramanga: +57 607 697 3019 

Does my Viva package include additional services?  

In our Viva packages platform, you can include the services of your preference, choosing between: Medical assistance card, tours, transportation in - out, park entrance fees, cars, among others.  

Can I buy my Viva travel package at any time of the year? 

Yes, in our Viva packages platform we have availability in all destinations, 365 days a year. 

What are the terms and conditions of my Viva travel package?  

See  for more information here and find information on specific promotions  here

What are the terms of the air transport contract?   

In the terms and conditions you can consult the contract of carriage by air, click  here


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